New Magazine Article: Build Your Own ANPR Home Automation Setup with a Raspberry Pi

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HackSpace issue 12 is published today, and it includes my latest maker project which is an ANPR system (automatic number plate recognition) merged with Home Automation [because why not?!]

Using an open-source package called OpenALPR, I managed to get a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ to monitor the network stream from a cheap-and-cheerful IP camera from eBay, using OpenALPR to search the frame for my car number plate. When the plate is spotted parking on my driveway, it uses IFTTT to switch on my hallway light, which is a Smart WiFi LED Lightbulb. When I drive my car away – you’ve guessed it, the light turns off again.

The possibilities are endless for this system. On the home automation front, you could alter my Python script to control a relay via the GPIO ports of the Raspberry Pi and directly turn devices on/off. Or you could log car number plates going up and down your street, checking they have up-to-date MOT and Tax, if you’re a goody-two-shoes like that and have access to the appropriate API. And GDPR considerations!

Anyway, the magazine is available in all good newsagents or you can download the free PDF from the HackSpace website at

Paul Freeman-Powell

Paul Freeman-Powell

Paul (@paulfp) is the main presenter of the award-winning Switched On Network YouTube Channel, which covers a variety of interesting topics usually relating to his love of technology and all things geeky. He also founded and runs Innobella Media, where he leads in all aspects of video production, video editing, sound & lighting. A father of 3 children including twins, his hobbies used to include photography, playing the drums and cycling. With a degree in Modern European Languages, Paul speaks French, Spanish and a little bit of Italian, and holds dual British & Irish citizenship.

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