Paul Freeman-Powell – Entrepreneur, Small Business Advisor, Technologist, Photographer & Videographer

I’m paulfp; welcome to my website. I am an entrepreneur, business leader, public speaker and mentor with a keen interest in various areas of technology, specifically the Internet, Telecoms and digital media. My skills and passions lie in areas such as photography, video production & special FX and web & systems development.

I am experienced, innovative and highly motivated, and have achieved success which various businesses, most notably in my time as Chief Executive of Telecoms Cloud.

This portfolio website serves as a summary of who I am and what I do; it’s a mixture of personal and business, rolling together my interests, my skills and my passions, along with areas where I’m actively developing my skills as part of my continuing professional development. I also share my experiences, mistakes and the lessons I’ve learnt so far, giving tips which I hope are useful to others, whether you’re starting up a small business or just pursuing a hobby.