6th April 2016, The British Computer Society: Enabling the Internet of Everything

I was asked by the British Computer Society to speak about Telecoms Cloud and how it acts as an enabler for the “Internet of Everything”.

BCS Talk: Enabling The Internet of Everything

BCS Talk: Enabling The Internet of Everything

Details: http://www.bcs.org/content/ConWebDoc/55833

3rd December 2015, The IET – APIs: The Telecoms Engine for the Internet of Things

Details: http://www.theiet.org/events/local/220894.cfm

From the IET Mersey & Western Cheshire magazine:

Gartner says that by 2020, 25 billion internet connected “things” will be in use worldwide as part of a multi-trillion dollar industry, ranging from the obvious things like computers, tablets and smartphones to self-driving cars and household appliances like fridges, washing machines and dishwashers. The rise in popularity of tiny, cheap devices such as the Raspberry Pi and Arduino have also smashed down the barrier to entry for innovative smaller players and bedroom coders alike. One of the key requirements for these connected devices is a link-in to bigger telecoms infrastructure, hosted in the cloud. At the forefront of innovation in this field in the UK and Europe is a Liverpool-based company called Telecoms Cloud, and their Co-founder and CEO Paul Freeman-Powell came to speak to us and explain how his telecoms network acts as an enabler for the Internet of Things, or even the “Internet of Everything”.
Me presenting to the IET on the subject of Telecoms Cloud API: Enabling the Internet of Everything

Me presenting to the IET on the subject of Telecoms Cloud API: Enabling the Internet of Everything

After an in-depth tour of the Telecoms Cloud Network and its impressive capabilities, Paul demonstrated the possibilities of a trigger-based event using a prototype Internet-enabled front door which sends an alert to the homeowner’s phone each time it opens/closes, with the date and time of the event. He then demonstrated on the big screen just how quick and easy it is to make inroads into the world of API-driven telecoms, coding a simple application from scratch to send a text message to an audience member’s phone at the touch of a button. A great evening was had by all and we were excited to get an insight into what lies ahead in the Internet-connected world.


23rd September 2015, IoT Liverpool – Telecoms Cloud API: Your IoT Backhaul?

Details: http://www.meetup.com/iotliverpool/events/225278669/

I gave an interactive talk/presentation to Liverpool’s IoT enthusiast group on how Telecoms Cloud is enabling the Internet of Things.

The talk was also recorded for the Telecoms Cloud YouTube channel, so you can watch it below: