Innobella Media

I set up Innobella Media in February 2009 to develop, foster and showcase my creative skills in the world of the Internet and “new media”. The small company offers creative services in film & video production, photography, interactive virtual tours and web site development. In the past we have also offered a diverse range of IT services such as computer repairs, IT consultancy, data recovery and secure data destruction, although these services were retired in order to focus my time and energy more on creative media.

As the business founder and primary operative, I’m in charge of developing internal systems, exploring market trends and customer requirements, and developing products, services and marketing along with overall strategy for the business.

Video runs in the Freeman-Powell family and I caught the bug from an early age. From the first ciné cameras, to early video cameras through to advances such as digital, widescreen and then 1080p HD video, we’ve been there as the technology has evolved and changed the industry with it. Our innovative use of DSLR video technology means that we can create top-quality productions on a fraction of the budget that would have been required just 10 years ago.

When it comes to photography, the company motto is “If a picture is worth 1,000 words then it had better do a good job of it!”. I am always learning and love working with a diverse range of clients as this gives me the opportunity to try out new ideas and techniques. Whilst working alongside his clients, the end results are not always what was expected, and sometimes not even what was initially wanted, but they’re always appreciated.

I assemble small teams (usually comprising skilled family members and friends) with combined experience spanning many decades when required on a per-project basis and I love helping his clients to develop and then realise their dreams when it comes to conveying their ideas via video, photography or the web – often all 3. These smaller projects compliment my executive involvement in other larger companies such as Telecoms Cloud, meaning that we can take creative advantage of the services and resources available to those companies, and vice-versa.

At Innobella Media we set ourselves apart from the competition by ensuring that we provide solutions tailored to clients’ specific needs and carry out all work with pride and attention to detail. Whether this is a premium Internet solution for a high-profile company comprising of complex web applications or producing a promotional video for a charity’s next fundraising campaign, we treat every customer as a top priority and pride ourselves on always giving excellent customer service.