After commencing my professional life by working in media distribution (I had a paper round), I set up my first “business” at age 11, designing websites back in the days when writing HTML in Notepad used to really impress people.

Fast-forward to the present day and I’ve built up a huge wealth of knowledge and experience in the establishment and day-to-day running of a successful business, and I’m a keen advocate of lean methodologies to help increase chances of success.

Whether you’re just about to start a business from your kitchen table, or you’ve been running your company and employing staff since before I was even born, I can help you understand your team and customers better, make better use of technology and the Internet, and provide an outside perspective on what you’re doing great, what you’re doing badly, and how you can do better.

We can talk business email and productivity tools, branding, social media, making good use of online video, how you take payments from your customers, managing and automating invoicing and other business processes… or whatever else will help your business to thrive.

I’m available for short-term and long-term appointments either on a daily-rate basis or as a contracted consultant/mentor. Think of my daily rate as a wise investment on your part; if you take my advice, then in the long term you should save (or gain) more money that you paid me originally – so my consultancy should more than pay for itself!

Get in touch if you’d like to meet up for a coffee and an informal, no-strings-attached chat about how I can help you. I take mine with milk & no sugar.

Video: 10 Top Business Tips

Whilst you’re here, why not watch my free video series below from the Switched On Network channel, which has 10 Top Tips for small businesses and entrepreneurs: