Telecoms Cloud

Telecoms-Cloud-2015Telecoms Cloud is an API-driven telecommunications platform which gives developers the tools they require to incorporate scalable, highly-available telecoms functionality within their applications, using Telecoms Cloud’s global infrastructure under the bonnet, rather than investing in their own expensive and cumbersome hardware setup. Our network is like a balloon that never pops – as our customers’ requirements scale up and down, so does the Telecoms Cloud.

Using our REST API and just a few lines of code, developers can add functionality such as outbound calling, call recording, call queuing, IVR Menus, fax, voice conferencing, SMS, and much more to their applications. We like to boast that our network is the best in the world, because we’ve selected the “best-of-breed” of partners to work with and secured long-term relationships that create a reliable platform for our customers.

We are trusted daily by many high-profile organisations in both the public and private sectors, including many NHS trusts in the UK, other government departments and large blue-chip organisations all over the world. As such, we have rigorous procedures in place to safeguard and protect customers’ data and provide a reliable service on a rock solid platform.

As well as providing our telecoms API for developers, we also operate a number of autonomous branded websites, accessible by customers with a single cross-site account username and password, which showcase some of the possibilities brought about by the API. These include Crosby Fax, Free Fax to Email, Record Your Call and Disguise My Number.

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