How Do I… Check the TPS status of a phone number? (Telephone Preference Service API)

The TPS – or Telephone Preference Service – is a free service run by Ofcom which allows consumers and businesses to opt out of receiving marketing calls. If you make any sort of marketing or promotional phone calls, it’s essential that you comply with the law and do not make calls to TPS-registered numbers, otherwise you could face a fine of up to £500,000. Yes, that’s half a million pounds! (

You can protect your business by checking the TPS registration status of a phone or fax number, which is easy with the Telecoms Cloud API. Using the /tps endpoint you simply pass the number you want to check and receive back either a true (the number is registered and should not be called for marketing purposes) or false if the number is not registered. If it’s a business number you’re checking you can use the /ctps endpoint, or if it’s a fax number you can use the /fps endpoint. Want to check all 3 databases in one single API call? Pass the number like this, without specifying a database, and receive back an array with all 3 results in!

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