How Do I… Receive Faxes via API?

If you’ve got one or more fax numbers on your Telecoms Cloud account, you can receive faxes via the API. The /fax/inbound/info endpoint gives you a list of received faxes along with which number it was sent to, who it was from, when it was sent and the number of pages. It also gives each fax a unique ID number which you can pass to the API and it will give you a unique, secure URL so that your software can download and process or store the fax document.

Each time you request a list of your faxes, you’ll also be given a special pointer – this is the API telling you the last fax it’s told you about. Save this pointer, and pass it next time you call the /info endpoint, so that you’re only getting information about new faxes with each request. The very first time  you run it, pass a zero and the API will give you a list of faxes received in the last 48 hours.

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